A car wash manager in Louisiana is making headlines this week after a video of him getting stuck in an automatic car wash went viral.

It was just another day on the job for Josh Hood, who was hosing down the inside of the Pitstop Carwash in Slidell, when the hose suddenly got tangled with a giant brush on spin cycle.

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Closed-circuit footage shows Hood spinning around for a while as he clings onto the brush, eventually falling to the floor.

Hood was stuck there until another employee heard his cries for help, Heather Nauert said this morning on “Fox and Friends.”

The employee sustained some road rash on his legs, but was not seriously hurt.

Hood talked to Martha MacCallum this morning on "America's Newsroom" and went over how the bizarre series of events unfolded.

Hood said a water pressure hose got wrapped around the spinning brush, and ensared him. He denied some people's (Hemmer) skepticism about whether this was just a stunt. 

Hood said it was not intentional, and that it was actually "very terrifying" because the hose could have wrapped around his neck or his head could have hit one of the steel posts near the giant brush.

Even though he's been the butt of some jokes this week, Hood is laughing over the ordeal.

Watch the interview below.

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