The number of couples choosing to sleep in separate beds is on the rise, according to reports.

The National Association of Home Builders has said that requests for dual master suites in newly built homes is increasing, Andrea Tantaros said on “Outnumbered."


Stephen Hayes, a senior writer for The Weekly Standard, offered his theory: “Usually people do this when they get older,” he said.

“You’ve got baby boomers now buying second homes, or downsizing. Maybe there are more baby boomers sleeping separately, and that explains the update.”

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But proponents of what’s also known as the “flex suite” say it’s actually better for their marriage if they don’t have to deal with their spouse’s sleeping habits, like loud snoring.

Studies show that as much as one quarter of couples fight in bed because of being kept awake by the other person, said Sandra Smith.

“I don’t think it’s just the older demographic,” she added. “It can really cause problems in a relationship.”

What do you make of this new trend? Watch the full discussion above and weigh in in the comments.

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