Geraldo Rivera revealed today that his daughter escaped the terror attack on a Paris stadium.

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Geraldo told Shepard Smith that his daughter, Simone, heard three explosions go off during the France-Germany soccer match.

"She didn't see anyone who had been killed or injured, but she saw the emergency teams arriving," Geraldo said.

He said that Simone managed to get out of the stadium and was trying to find a taxi to make it back to her apartment.

Geraldo got very emotional when he showed a picture of his 21-year-old daughter.

"She's a straight-A student, she's a wonderful, wonderful person and a very gentle soul. And we're obviously very concerned."

Geraldo later took to Twitter to share the good news that Simone is OK:

Watch Simone recount her experience in the video below.

UPDATE: Geraldo reunited with Simone in Paris. He shared his happy personal story on "Fox & Friends" and also reported details on the ground in the city.

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