Watch the Cavuto interview everyone's talking about, with a college student who's protesting for free tuition. 

Fresh off moderating the Fox Business Network GOP debate this week, Neil Cavuto sat down with Seth Meyers to shed some light on this question: what happens during the commercial breaks? 

Meyers pointed out that right before each break, you could see some of the candidates walking toward the moderators or over to another candidate. 

Cavuto said on Tuesday, some candidates - including Jeb Bush and Rand Paul - wanted to ask for more time to speak. 

He said the candidates won't yell, but come over sort of like Tony Soprano and motion to their watch...

"They'll just make it very clear they're not happy," he joked. 

Cavuto agreed with Meyers that the large number of Republican candidates is a "problem" for networks when it comes allocating time during debates. 

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