More than 100 women who became pregnant from taking what they believed to be birth control pills are now seeking millions in damages from the pharmaceutical company.

These 113 women from 28 different states claim they were unknowingly taking sugar pills instead of contraceptives, Anna Kooiman reported this morning on “Fox and Friends.”

A simple packaging error had reversed the order of the pills, causing what the women’s lead attorney is now calling a “serious blunder with heartwrenching repercussions.”

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The FDA immediately issued a recall in light of the news, pulling more than 3 million packages from shelves.

But the story doesn’t end there. These women, who range from nursing students to teenagers to military personnel, are now demanding millions from Qualitest Pharmaceuticals.

They say the company should compensate them by covering the costs of raising kids, including paying for their education through college.

Qualitest’s parent company, Endo Pharmaceuticals, says it’s only been able to confirm one defective pill packet so far.

“Our commitment is to patient safety and we take product quality very seriously,” Endo Pharmaceuticals said in a statement.

Some clients say they had to drop out of nursing school because of the surprise pregnancies, while one U.S. service member had to give her child up for adoption because she had to deploy overseas soon after the birth. 

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