A veteran is being credited with stopping a brazen daylight burglary of his neighbor’s Las Vegas home.

Not only did Brett McCann manage to stop the burglars from leaving with anything, but he also managed to catch it all on video.

McCann confronted the four burglars with a camera and a gun outside the house in a clip that aired this morning on “Fox and Friends.”

The video shows one man running toward the group’s getaway car with a black sweater thrown over his head, and another running and jumping into the trunk.

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“What are you doing here?” the veteran asks one of the men in the video.

“It’s my homeboy’s house,” the man answers.

“No, it’s not,” McCann replies.

McCann, a U.S. Air Force vet for 22 years, told local station 8 News Now that the thieves dropped everything once they spotted him outside.

His friend Joe had received an alert of the break-in on his cell phone, and called him to check it out.

McCann hopes that the video below will help police identify the suspects.

Watch the scene below. 

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