A New York street beggar who recently bragged about making $200 an hour has disappeared from his usual spot.

Will Andersen can often be found sitting outside Grand Central Terminal, a street vendor told The New York Post on Wednesday.

But after revealing to the newspaper this week about the lucrative advantages of panhandling – and that he is not, in fact, homeless – Andersen is now nowhere to be seen, the Post reports.

“On a Friday morning, I make $400 in two hours,” Andersen had said. The 43-year-old typically camps out on East 42nd Street, between Vanderbilt and Madison Avenues.

“He’s usually here,” a vendor said.

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It is not immediately clear whether Andersen’s high-profile interview, featured on the front page of The Post, has any relation to his change of location.

Andersen had said he used to work as a theater stagehand, before realizing that begging for money could quickly earn him hundreds of dollars.

So good is the money, said Andersen, that he now makes enough to rent a room in the city for $300 a month.

Much of it also has to do with his 9-year-old dog, Rizzo, he added. Passersby often hand over food for both him and Rizzo.

“People are more generous because I have a dog, 100 percent,” Andersen said. “They throw me a dollar and say, ‘That’s for the dog.’”

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