A California startup that made headlines for attracting the Silicon Valley elite has now gotten backing from one Hollywood superstar as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday publicly threw his support behind Diamond Foundry, a company that says it can grow real diamonds in a lab.

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Not only will these diamonds be real, they’ll also be up to a whopping nine karats, its creators say.

DiCaprio says he is proud to be part of a brand that will foster conflict-free diamonds, a cause he's promoted since starring in the blockbuster film “Blood Diamond.”

Diamond Foundry says it will use solar power technology to make hundreds of the diamonds – and fast. The production timeline is just two weeks, according to Business Insider.

The company has also received funding from some of tech’s biggest investors, including former Facebook COO Owen van Natta, former eBay President Jeff Skoll and Twitter cofounder Evan Williams.

“This startup – public for one day – it has already raised around $100 million,” Fox Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton said Wednesday afternoon on “Shepard Smith Reporting.”

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