Indiana police have said that Davey Blackburn is not a suspect in the shooting death of his pregnant wife, Amanda Blackburn.

Judge Jeanine Pirro explained on "The Kelly File" tonight why she's "absolutely not" ready to clear the pastor in his wife's murder.

Judge Jeanine made it clear she's not accusing Blackburn of anything, but pointed out that every murder investigation starts with looking at the immediate family.

She noted that Blackburn's alibi is that he was at the gym when the shooting occurred on the morning of November 10.

She said that police need to determine if Blackburn had always gone to the gym or if this was something he just recently started. She added that his alibi wouldn't rule out murder for hire.

"What about Facebook, Twitter, emails, finances, telephone records?" Judge Jeanine listed.

She said the fact that the police have put out so little information means they either have no idea, or they have a person of interest in mind and are being tip-lipped about it.

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