Nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee was lured into a Chicago alleyway and gunned down last week in an attack that has been linked to a gang feud.

Police said Tyshawn may have been targeted because of his father's involvement in recent gang-related killings.

Community activist Kevin Powell said on "The O'Reilly Factor" that the root problem in Chicago and other cities is a lack of resources in inner city communities and a surplus of easily accessible guns.

O'Reilly said that Powell is a man of good intentions, but he's making an "enormous mistake" in not seeing the need to stabilize the situation first, before instituting other programs.

O'Reilly explained that you must send a message to gangs that this behavior is unacceptable. To do that, he said, you need to have aggressive policing, as Mayor Rudy Giuliani did in New York City. He said that the National Guard could also be used to reestablish law and order.

"Nothing is being done," O'Reilly said. "Nothing is being done about the violence, Mr. Powell, and kids like Tyshawn are going to continue to die."

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