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The debut of the Watters' World monthly specials and an exclusive Fox News Sunday interview with Rush Limbaugh highlight a must-see weekend on Fox News Channel!

Jesse Watters will kick off his much-anticipated new series on Saturday at 8p ET, giving viewers his one-of-a-kind look at the latest headlines.

Fans will get to see new Watters' World packages (just like the ones you know and love from The Factor), but Jesse will also talk to guests and opine on the latest news and Election 2016 developments.

"People will get to hear me spout off and hopefully I don't offend too many people," Watters said. 

On this week's show, Watters takes a look at the Obama administration's response to the ISIS threat and finds out what black America thinks about the 2016 campaign. Plus, what do average Joes out there know about the military?

The new series will be running once a month for the next year right up until Election Day.

Don't go anywhere after the "Watters' World" debut, as Justice With Judge Jeanine follows on Saturday at 9p ET with a powerful look at the Syrian refugee crisis and the growing terror threat, with guest Mike Huckabee.

Then on Sunday at 2p and 6p ET, Chris Wallace brings you an interview with Rush Limbaugh that is sure to have people talking. The always outspoken radio host will weigh in on the narrowing GOP field and the Obama administration's response to the Paris terror attacks. 

Here's the weekend lineup, so make sure to join us or set your DVR... 

Saturday (all times Eastern)

8:00pm: premiere of "Watters' World."

9:00pm: "Justice With Judge Jeanine," with guest Mike Huckabee.

10:00pm: "The Greg Gutfeld Show" 


2:00 & 6:00pm: "Fox News Sunday" exclusive interview with Rush Limbaugh.

8:00pm: re-airing of the "Watters' World" premiere.

9:00pm: "Justice With Judge Jeanine" is LIVE with a special look at the truth behind the ISIS threats.

10:00pm: "The Greg Gutfeld Show"

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