Ted Cruz told Megyn Kelly tonight that the Fox Business Network-Wall Street Journal Republican debate was terrific and substantive.

He said it will prove to be very helpful for Republican primary voters, as issues like amnesty were discussed in-depth, showing how the candidates' policies differ.

"The majority of candidates on that stage have supported amnesty," Cruz said, adding that if the GOP embraces amnesty like the Democrats, it's a recipe for losing the 2016 election and handing Hillary Clinton the presidency.

"For voters who are looking for someone who is consistent and true, I am the only one on that stage who's always opposed amnesty, and who led the fight against amnesty in Congress," Cruz said.

"If you're a truck driver, if you're a steel worker, if you're an auto worker, amnesty is a direct threat to your livelihood, to your ability to provide for your kids."

Watch more above.

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