Megyn Kelly spoke to a focus group of Republican voters about their reaction to the Fox Business Network-Wall Street Journal GOP debate and who they thought were the winners and losers.

A majority of participants thought that Marco Rubio won the debate, with several others saying Ted Cruz.

In particular, they approved of Rubio's strong stance on military spending and national security.

"He cares about keeping our community safe," one woman said. "And you can't do that if you don't have a strong military."

Members of the group responded positively to Cruz's "fire" and his ability to stand up to those both within and outside the Republican Party.

"I need somebody who's going to say, 'These are my principles and I'm going to stand behind them,'" one woman explained.

As for the losers of the debate, the focus group was in near unanimous agreement that John Kasich and Jeb Bush did not come off well.

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