Highlighting a viral video from the campus of University of Missouri, Bill O'Reilly focused his Talking Points Memo on the "rise of fascism on college campuses" across America. 

In the footage, a university professor is seen trying to prevent a reporter from taking pictures of protesters on the public school's campus.

At one point, the professor calls out for "muscle" to help forcibly remove the photographer from the area.

On Monday, the university's president resigned following accusations that the school has not done enough in its response to alleged racial incidents on campus.

The professor, Melissa Click, has since apologized on Twitter and resigned.

O'Reilly pointed out that a "hallmark of fascist societies is the denial of free speech."

He also called attention to another video from Yale, in which a student cursed out a professor in a dispute over Halloween costumes that could be seen as offensive.

Meantime, at Louisville, the president issued an apology because staffers had worn sombreros and festive Mexican garb on Halloween.

O'Reilly noted that Rush Limbaugh made an interest point on his radio show when he said that for years, "American college students have been taught that their country is racist and is a terrible place." 

"Now, the students are acting out. The nutty college professors have reaped what they have sown," said O'Reilly, saying these stories remind him of college campuses during the Vietnam War.

"There comes a point when freedom of speech, expression, movement and thought must be defended. We have reached that point now," he concluded. 

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above and the follow-up discussion with Charles Krauthammer.

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