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Megyn Kelly took a closer look at the media's attacks on Dr. Ben Carson's life story in a "Kelly File" special. 

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Taking us back through Carson's rise from poverty in Detroit to a renowned neurosurgeon, Kelly highlighted CNN and Politico's attempts to call his biography into question.

CNN, reporting last week that they spoke to Carson's childhood friends, suggested that Carson was not truthful when he spoke of a violent past. 

The nine friends from 50 years ago could not recall Carson as being violent. 

In a "Kelly File" interview last week, Carson said he once tried to stab a family member, but in his memoir, "Gifted Hands," he changed the story, instead referring to the person as a friend.

In a 1997 newspaper clipping discovered this week, his mother Sonya was found to have corroborated her son's story.  

On the heels of the CNN reports, Kelly said Politico then picked up on the "deep dive" into Carson's life story, reporting that he's been lying about once being offered a scholarship to attend West Point.

The media quickly picked up on the breaking news report Friday, declaring that Carson had made up the story. 

Kelly pointed out that Politico got the headline wrong, claiming originally that Carson's campaign admitted the fabrication. 

Carson has stood by his claims, saying he received a verbal offer to attend West Point, but he never accepted. He clarified that there was never an offer in writing, which he had not disclosed previously.

"Politico was then forced to change its reporting, but many in the media ignored the reversal," said Kelly. 

At last night's GOP debate, Carson said he welcomes the vetting process as a presidential candidate, but has a problem with the media "lying" about him and reporting it as truth.

He declared that "people who know me know that I'm an honest person."

Watch the show open above, as Kelly goes through yet another report that Carson is disputing. 

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