Facebook has just launched an exciting new app that will allow iPhone users to stay connected with Fox News, Fox Business and other brands of their choice. 

Through the brand-new Notify by Facebook app - available now in the iTunes app store - you can sign up to receive notifications from a broad range of sources, including Fox News.

What is Notify?

The new app from Facebook will allow you to create your own daily notification feed by subscribing to the "stations" of your choice.

How does it work?

When you subscribe to the Fox News station, you'll be able to pick from a list of sub-stations: Breaking News, Top Stories, Must See, Politics, Entertainment and Fox Business.

Then, you'll begin receiving notifications directing you to the Fox News content that you've selected.

On the Must See sub-station, for example, you'll receive daily notifications from Fox News Insider about what's coming up on Fox News Channel, along with highlights from your favorite shows.

Once you've subscribed to the stations of your choice, you'll see notifications popping up on your lock screen. You'll also have the option to save a notification for later or share it right from the lock screen.

How do I get it?

iPhone users can now download Notify by Facebook  in the iTunes app store. 


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