Donald Trump sat down with Fox Business Republican debate moderator Neil Cavuto tonight to sound off on what he called “a wonderful debate” and “a special evening.”

“People are saying that I won the debate. I don’t know if I won it or not, but I think I did well,” Trump said.

Asked why he refused to jump in and interrupt, as several other candidates did, Trump replied, “Well, I’m becoming very diplomatic, right?”

“I don’t like doing that. I mean, when somebody cuts somebody off, I think it’s inappropriate,” the GOP front-runner added.

Trump was booed onstage at one point for asking why Carly Fiorina kept “interrupting.”

“I thought she did fine. But I just, you know, a lot of people were being cut off,” he told Cavuto. “I thought that maybe somebody should speak up.”

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Trump, however, praised the overall debate, saying, “There were really good questions.”

“You have some very talented people on the stage. I’ve made some good friends doing this,” he said.

“It’s a little hard to believe, because we go at it, but the truth is, I’ve actually made some pretty good friends out of this group of people,” Trump continued.

Watch his interview with Cavuto above, and his comment about Fiorina during the debate below.

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