Calling them "crabby and crabbier," Michelle Malkin said on "Fox and Friends" that she believes John Kasich and Jeb Bush were the losers at last night's Fox Business Network debate. 

Kasich repeatedly injected himself into the conversations, in an attempt to make his voice heard at the fourth GOP debate.

But Malkin, author of the new book Sold Out, said she did not think that strategy served the Ohio governor well. 

"Kasich showed himself to have an acute case of irritable mouth syndrome," she said, observing that Kasich came off as "annoying" with his attitude and demeanor. 

She criticized both candidates for advocating "amnesty" plans on illegal immigration. 

Malkin praised Ted Cruz and Donald Trump's stances on illegal immigration, saying many people still "don't get" the massive impact of illegal immigrants and foreign guest worker programs on American jobs.

She said Cruz had a "huge moment" when he forcefully pushed back on the idea that supporting "sensible limits" on who we let into the U.S. is "xenophobic or nativist."

Malkin said this debate gave voters much more of an idea of where the candidates stand, compared to the CNBC forum a few weeks ago. 

"Kudos to Fox Business for putting on an adult debate," she said.

Watch the discussion above.

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