As we get set to honor and thank our veterans tomorrow, Alicia Acuna reported on a retired Navy pilot who's trying to improve the lives and livelihoods of those who have served. 

On "Happening Now," we were introduced to Mike Maloney, CEO of Kota Longboards, which are longer versions of a skateboard.

The boards are works of art, with many of them featuring pro-military and law enforcement designs. 

Alicia showed off one of them from Denver, where the company is based.

Half of Maloney's workforce is made up of veterans or their family members. His head of production is the wife of a Marine who received a Purple Heart in Iraq. 

"You could put an impossible task in front of us and we'll find a way to get that done. I cherish that about veterans and that's why I actively seek them out," he explained.

Maloney said he also hopes that Wounded Warriors will benefit from learning to use the longboards.

"There are so many parallels and anecdotes about the physical act of longboarding and how that relates to mental and emotional balance in one's life," said Maloney. 

The company's name stands for "Knights of the Air," a moniker given to some of the earliest U.S. fighter pilots.

Watch the report above, and check out the company's website, here.

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