Former Navy lieutenant Montel Williams says the Department of Veterans Affairs’ health care system needs more “people who understand how to get the services to the troops.”

“Let’s bring the logisticians on board,” he said Tuesday on “Your World.” "We don’t have people stepping in even asking about logistics in the right way.”

What does that mean? Neil Cavuto asked.

Williams recounted a story of when he became injured one day on active duty in Colorado.

There were no VA hospitals around, he said. But he went to the doctor, received 18 stitches in his leg, and later reported the incident back at base.

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“I never saw the bill. It went and it was taken care of,” said Williams. “Why can we not do that now?”

“Listen, there are some really good people here right now, trying to help people,” he added. “The VA is also stepping up to the plate.”

“[But] they have to discuss the fact that we have soldiers that have to have goods and services, which is our treatment and care,” the former lieutenant said.

“You need the people who understand how to get the services to the troops. We don’t have that in that pipeline.”

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