In light of the media's questioning of Ben Carson's college days, "The Kelly File" talked to syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin about the vetting process - or lack thereof - in the 2008 presidential race.

Malkin has noted over the years how little vetting was done by the mainstream media of then-Sen. Barack Obama when he was running for president.

For instance, Obama's attendance at Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church went unnoticed until Obama was well on his way to clinching the nomination. 

And no transcripts have been released from Obama's time at Columbia University. 

Malkin, author of the new book Sold Out, said she could only laugh when White House press secretary Josh Earnest recalled that Obama was "savaged and vetted to the extreme" by the media. 

She said journalists in Washington "failed to do their jobs" when Obama was running for president, openly cheering for him to be elected. 

"The 'thrills up the leg' and the chills up the spine and it continued throughout the 2008 campaign," said Malkin. 

Megyn Kelly asked what would have happened if journalists had delved into Obama's memoir, "Dreams from My Father," in the same way that Carson's biography is now being scrutinized.

Kelly noted that more than three dozen claims in Obama's memoir were called into question by a Washington Post writer, but not until 2012.

"The double standards here are as glaring as a supernova," said Malkin, adding that journalists end up damaging their own reputations with "character assassinations" of Carson.

Watch the full "The Kelly File" interview above.

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