The Fox Business Network-Wall Street Journal Republican debates have concluded.

Check out must-see video highlights below.

Who Won the Fox Business GOP Debate? Twitter Reacts

Here's a Look at the Post-Debate Coverage on Fox News and FBN

Watch the candidates' closing statements from the second debate


Ted Cruz: "Hillary Clinton embodies the cronyism of Washington"


Donald Trump gets booed for complaining about Carly Fiorina "interrupting"


Jeb Bush says that Islamic terrorism is the biggest threat facing America today


Marco Rubio and Rand Paul battle on military spending (READ MORE)


Trump clashes with John Kasich on deportation plan, insists "we have no choice" (WATCH)


Ben Carson on questions about his life story: "I have no problem being vetted. What I do have a problem with is being lied about."


Fiorina: "We must take our government back"


Cruz: We need to pull back "army of regulators that have descended like locusts"


Trump says he would not raise the minimum wage

Rubio Battles Paul: 'World Is Safer, Better When America Is Strongest Military'

WATCH: Trump and Kasich Clash Over Deportation

Watch the candidates' closing statements from the first debate


Rick Santorum says he's the principled conservative candidate who can win in blue states (WATCH)


Jindal and Christie clash over how to defeat Hillary Clinton


Christie: "Hillary Clinton's coming for your wallet"


Jindal attacks Mike Huckabee on spending


Huckabee: "We don't reduce the IRS, we get rid of the IRS"


To Christie: As president, what concrete steps will you take to get America back to work?

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