There's a problem that's getting worse and worse. 

Millions of men are falling victim to it. 

We're talking, of course, about the Man Bun. 

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Who better to stage a "Bun-tervention" than Joanne Nosuchinsky and Katherine Timpf? 


The Greg Gutfeld Show's millennial correspondents hit the streets of New York City to do some good. 

However, many of those who they tried to help were hesitant to admit that there was a problem. 

"It got too long" was a common explanation. 


Or, "my girlfriend likes it," was another excuse. 

"It can be hard to admit it at first," Kat acknowledged, but "it looks like you're a man, and your hair is in a bun."

After some tough love and persuading the men that they were in a "safe space," each of them came around.

And we got to see some emotional breakthroughs...


Then again, at least one subject was confirmed to have relapsed 30 seconds later. 

"This is sad. It is a disease," said Timpf, pointing out that one in every four Man Bun users relapse after treatment. 

Watch the Bun-terventions below, and catch more laughs with the millennials each Sunday at 10p ET on "The Greg Gutfeld Show."

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