If you were one of the supposed 78,000 people interested in Rumblr, a controversial new app dubbed “Tinder for fighting," we have bad news.

The app, reportedly intended for “recreational fighters” and “brawl enthusiasts,” has now been revealed to be nothing more than a successful marketing hoax, according to Business Insider.

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Like Tinder, "Rumblr" was supposed to connect people with a mere swipe of the smartphone. But instead of setting up dates, its creators said it would facilitate users to arrange fights – street brawls that would be publicly broadcasted for others to come watch.

Just yesterday, Rumblr's "support team" had told the New York Daily News that it was negotiating with the iOS store to prove its legitimacy.

Users would have the option to “trash talk” each other and tally their wins and losses, screenshots of the fake app showed.

The Rumblr team had earlier told the Daily News that its app was "fully developed," with "substantial funding from private American investors." It had also said the platform would launch in beta version this afternoon.

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