What do you do when you share a name with one of the world’s biggest pop stars?

Well, first, you change your email address.

At least, that’s what one man, named Taylor Adam Swift, says he did after being bombarded with countless fan emails, “Fox and Friends” reported this morning.

Swift, a 30-year-old photographer from Seattle, says his name serves as a good icebreaker. He also sometimes gets free drinks at bars from enthusiastic fans, he told Newsweek.

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Though the male Taylor Swift is a remarkably good sport about the whole thing, other namesakes out there have run into more serious identity-related conundrums.

According to reports, one woman also named T-Swift – who, crazily enough, is also a singer – had her Facebook account shut down after the website thought she was trying to impersonate the celebrity.

Swift the man has also talked about his professional photography website getting buried on Google search.

Still, he tells FOX 29, “There's WAY worse names to have.”

"It's a great confidence booster,” Swift added. “It's like endless amounts of, ‘You're beautiful, you're so talented, you're a great role model, you have a beautiful voice.’ And here I am just like, ‘Oh, thank you!’”

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