Police in New Hampshire are scrambling to find the vandals who have been targeting a disabled veteran for weeks.

Barry Laughton, Sr. says the disturbing attacks began around Halloween, when he received a permanent handicapped parking spot and placed a disabled passenger placard inside his van.

Laughton, a veteran, is currently recovering from triple-bypass surgery, and his wife uses a cane, FOX25 News reports.

When he and his wife Nancy first walked out to find dog waste smeared across the side of their car, they shrugged it off, chalking it up to just another silly Halloween prank.

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But the next day, “they got creative,” he told the station. The entire car was covered from front to back in orange spray paint.

Then, their rental car was tagged with graffiti, Heather Nauert said on “Fox and Friends.” The vandals went so far as to pour sugar inside the gas tank.

Neighbors are now questioning the couple’s safety as the attacks escalate and police search for those responsible.

“It’s a shame that they are targeting veterans – and handicapped veterans,” Laughton said.

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