In its cold open, "Saturday Night Live" knocked MSNBC for a softball-filled "Democratic forum."

Cecily Strong portrayed Rachel Maddow, describing the forum as a "debate that no one watches."

In the sketch, Strong told Hillary Clinton (played to perfection by Kate McKinnon), "let's dive into some tough questions -- but don't worry, not actually tough, just MSNBC tough."

McKinnon, as Clinton, attempted to appear authentic, switching from a southern to a New York accent and back again in a single sentence.

But once again, Larry David stole the show as he made his triumphant return as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

David made light of Sanders' touting how he finances his campaign from small contributions.

"The other candidates, they're taking millions of dollars from the Koch brothers and Exxon Mobil. But not me, I only accept coins. And I'm not talking about fancy coins like dimes and quarters. I just want nickels and pennies, the coins of the middle class. And Rachel, I don't want new pennies. I'm talking about those old pennies that are so covered in hard black gum you can't even read the date. So America, if you believe in Bernie, I need you to go home, open your closet, pull out your vacuum, dump it upside down and send me all the pennies that fall out of it. That's right, I'm Bernie Sanders and I want your vacuum pennies."

Watch the video above.

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