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Talk about jaw-dropping.

A Virginia grandmother lost her dentures just moments after jumping out of a plane.

72-year-old Polly Chester had been making a bucket-list skydive jump.

But during the fall, her top set of dentures flew out, striking her tandem jumper in the forehead.

"When I shut my mouth, they were gone and I said some naughty words," she recalled to Fox 13. 

"I didn't feel them fall out. I just realized they were gone. The guy behind me says 'They hit me in my head.' I'm glad I didn't knock him out."

At $975, replacing the dentures cost more than the jump itself, but Polly has absolutely no regrets.

"Live your life to the best," she added.  "You don't have it but once and enjoy it, get a lot of laughs."

Watch the video above.

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