How should a "family restaurant " deal with a bunch of brats?

A Houston restaurant called Cuchara is handing customers "rule cards" that outline acceptable behavior for children.

“Children at Cuchara don’t run or wander around the restaurant,” the cards say. “They stay seated and ask their parents to take them to the restroom. They don’t scream, throw tantrums or touch the walls, murals, windows or anything of the other patrons.”

The cards end with this final statement about children: “They are respectful!”

Restaurant owners Ana Beaven and Charlie McDaniel said they began the policy when a child caused $1,500 worth of damage by etching a tic-tac-toe grid onto a wall that featured a large mural.

The mother didn't want to take responsibility, but eventually agreed to pay $40.

“The main goal is for parents to understand how fragile our items are,” Beaven told a reporter.

She said that the response has, for the most part, been "overwhelmingly positive."

Tweets from patrons seem to back up that claim.

Watch the report above.

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