Jon Scott shared with “Happening Now” on Friday his recent trip to the majestic country of Peru, where he joined more than 20 volunteers to embark on a breathtaking 26-mile mission to raise money for charity.

Together, he and nearly two dozen other Americans set off to trek Peru’s iconic Inca trail leading to Machu Picchu, traversing lush rainforests, rivers, bridges and creeks.

Each step was “a labor of love,” said Scott, all going to raise money for Compassion International, a Christian charity for children based in Colorado Springs.

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Scott and his fellow trekkers began just outside of Cusco and wound their way up the stone steps of the Andes, taking in some of the world’s most stunning landscapes along the way.

This, of course, wasn’t without its challenges. Those who embark on the trail often have to train for months, said Scott.

Check out Scott’s two-part special to watch his incredible four-day adventure in Peru.

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