Sen. Marco Rubio hit back at Donald Trump this morning over Trump's criticism of his finances. 

Earlier this week, Trump accused Rubio of living beyond his means and being a "disaster" with credit cards. 

He continued the attacks today on Twitter:

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Rubio said he finds it "ironic" that Trump attacks his finances when the billionaire's companies have been involved in four bankruptcies over the years. 

"I find it ironic that Donald Trump has had four bankruptcies in his businesses and who is he to attack anybody on finances? I just find that ironic," said Rubio.

Rubio maintained that the reference to his use of a Republican Party credit card is an "old" attack that has already been discredited. 

He said the only debt he has is the mortgage on his primary residence in Miami, which lost significant value after the housing market crash. 

Rubio said "reckless behavior" on Wall Street and in Washington caused that loss of value, which affected millions of Americans as well. 

Rubio also weighed in on a Latino activist group's video that used cursing little kids to denounce Trump's views on immigration. 

He called the video "disgusting," calling out the parents who allowed their children to participate.

"They are creating this image that somehow unless you're in favor of illegal immigration you're anti-Hispanic. That's absurd. There are millions of Hispanics that are waiting to come this country legally whose family members have been waiting for 10 years and have done it the right way. They are upset that someone who came here illegally can come here faster and cheaper," he said.

Watch the interview above, and tune in Tuesday November 10 for the next Republican debate on Fox Business Network at 9p ET.

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