On "Special Report" tonight, George Will weighed in on Dr. Ben Carson admitting he had never applied nor was granted admission to West Point.

Carson had written in his book "Gifted Hands" that he had been offered a "full scholarship" to the military academy.

Will said that he could chalk Carson's error up to imprecise wording or a foggy memory.

"But when your biography is your campaign - as his is more than any other - you better get it right, if you're saying, 'Elect me president because of my life story,'" Will said.

He added that Carson speaks in such "modulated, dulcet tones" that it's easy to miss how "harsh" some of his rhetoric can be.

Will pointed to the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast when Carson lectured the president, to his face, on the defects of ObamaCare.

Will also ran down some of the other controversial things Carson has said, including likening ObamaCare to slavery, saying that he would use the Department of Education to monitor political bias on university campuses and claiming that students exposed to the new Advanced Placement U.S. history framework will be ready to sign up for ISIS.

"He's got a rhetorical record that's going to get more scrutiny."

Watch more from the "Special Report" panel above.

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