Forget about selfies, how about getting a doll in your own likeness?

Cheryl Casone visited DOOB 3D in New York City to see how the company is using rapidly advancing 3D printing technology to create photo-realistic replicas of customers.

First, Casone had to pick the size of her personal doll, from four to 14 inches - listed on the menu board as Buddy, Bestie, Doobie, The Boss or The Diva - with prices ranging from $95 to $695.

After selecting The Boss, Casone chose her pose and hopped inside the "DOOB-licator." The high-speed scanning only takes a moment.

More than 50 2D images go through DOOB's proprietary software and are converted into high-res 3D files. Those are then 3D-printed at a production center, with the doll delivered to the customer's doorstep in two to three weeks.

Watch the process - and results - above!

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