A disturbing new video has surfaced online, showing the hatred of Donald Trump being brought to new lows: with young children hurling swear words.

The rant comes from a Latino activist group called Deport Racism.

It hits back at Trump’s widely controversial remarks from earlier this year that suggested Mexican migrants to the U.S. are drug traffickers and rapists.

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“Hola, Donald Trump, screaming, ‘Get out of my country,’” one little boy says. “Republicans use offensive words.”

“So here’s a few of our own,” a little girl declares.

The little boy then unleashes a stream of expletives while pointing his middle finger at the camera. "F**k you, racist f**k."

“We’re Latino kids born in the USA,” the girl says.

“But you keep calling me ‘anchor baby?’” the boy adds. “The Constitution makes me a citizen.”

Some viewers say the kids are being used as props – a strategy that may ultimately backfire and undermine the group’s message.

They also argue that the organization likely stems from a minor, more radical portion of the Latino constituency.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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