Shepard Smith reported this afternoon on new developments in the case of an Illinois police officer whose mysterious death was ruled a suicide this week. 

According to AP, Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz tried to set up a "hit" on a local administrator whom he feared might expose his embezzlement scheme. 

Authorities have said they now believe Gliniewicz committed suicide in September amid worries that officials would discover he was taking money from a youth program that he ran. 

Lake County Sheriff's Office spokesman Christopher Covelli said Gliniewicz sent a text message in which he tried to arrange a meeting with a high-ranking gang member about the murder-for-hire.

Covelli said cocaine was discovered in Gliniewicz's desk after he was found dead. He said that may be related to a text message in which Gliniewicz spoke of possibly planting something on the administrator, Anne Marrin.

Gliniewicz's death prompted a massive manhunt for three suspects, but officials have since said that he took his own life and staged the scene to make it look he'd been murdered.

Marrin was hired as the village's first administrator and police believe Gliniewicz became increasingly worried after she started financial audits of various departments.

In one text message released by authorities, Gliniewicz is said to have written, "If she gets ahold [sic] of the old checking account, im [sic] pretty well f***ed."

Gliniewicz's wife and son are reportedly under investigation over their possible roles in the theft. 

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