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By: Judge Jeanine Pirro

Believe it or not, I was cast as the bad guy 15 years ago when I reopened the cold case of Kathleen Durst, a young and beautiful fourth-year medical student who disappeared without a trace in 1982, never to be seen again. Kathie Durst’s husband was millionaire real estate heir Robert Durst, son of one of the wealthiest families in New York City—but though her friends and family suspected him of the worst, he escaped police investigation.

By the time I heard the name Robert Durst, I had already gained a national reputation for fighting for victims of domestic violence for over twenty years.

And when I took Kathleen’s case, I knew one thing for sure: Kathleen Durst was a battered woman. Though Robert Durst was suspected by both family and friends, he escaped police investigation. And somehow, the history of Robert’s abuse never made it into the public narrative.  

I always believed in Durst’s guilt, however, even after I left the role of prosecutor and became host of Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News. And in my book, He Killed Them All, which many people have called “shocking,” I make my case beyond a shadow of a doubt, revealing stunning, previously unknown secrets about the crimes he is accused of committing.  

When my team and I first re-looked at the Kathleen Durst case, we found what I like to call “one ’Holy Sh*t’ moment after another”:

● Robert Durst lied about reporting Kathie missing to state police.

● Durst lied about taking Kathie to the train station.

● Durst lied about calling Kathie in Manhattan the night she disappeared.

● The doorman at their apartment building in NYC was unreliable at best.

● Durst lied when he told investigators his marriage was “pretty good.”

● Durst sublet Kathie’s “escape” apartment one day before he reported her missing to NYPD.

● Durst got rid of her stuff, and lied about doing so.

● Kathie went to the Jacobi Medical Center after one savage beating.

● Durst went on a field trip to destroy evidence.

● Durst was openly unfaithful to Kathie—with Mia Farrow’s sister.

● Durst had a vicious temper.

And questions jumped out at me including: 

Why didn’t the press dig deeper?

Why wasn’t kidnapping on the table? 

Why was a criminal defense attorney hired before police ever suspected foul play or suspected Robert of a crime? 

For years, even after being labeled the villain of Durst’s tale, I have crusaded for justice for the victims--because Kathie was just one of three.

My impassioned perspective in the captivating HBO documentary series, "The Jinx," oddly enough made me one of its breakout stars. And my unique insider’s perspective on the crimes, as well as my exclusive interviews with many of the major players featured in the "The Jinx," resulted in this comprehensive book.

It is the definitive story of Robert Durst and his gruesome crimes—the one you didn’t see on television.

Don't miss "Robert Durst and My Quest for Justice," hosted by Judge Pirro, on Saturday and Sunday at 9p/12a ET on Fox News Channel. 

​In the riveting hour-long special, Judge Pirro talks to a who's who of those who investigated the three deaths linked to Durst.

You'll see the exclusive last interview with Kathleen Durst's best friend, who passed away over the summer. 

Plus, Judge Pirro and her team head to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey to meet the tracker who searched for Kathleen Durst's body.

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