Donald Trump went hard after Sen. Marco Rubio on his financial history, accusing the senator of being a "disaster with his credit cards."

"For years I've been hearing that his credit cards are a disaster. ... He certainly lives above his means, there's no question about that," said Trump in remarks at Trump Tower on Tuesday.

Rubio responded today on "America's Newsroom," scoffing at Trump's criticism in a sit-down with Martha MacCallum.

Rubio said the the notion that he's in financial trouble comes from the fact that his primary residence in Miami suffered a significant loss of value in the housing market crash.

But he said that this is no different from what millions of Americans have gone through. 

"I think it's good for our country to have a president that knows what it's like - despite the fact that you did nothing wrong - to see your home lose its value. Millions of Americans have gone through that," said Rubio. 

He said he hopes more questions are asked about the bankruptcies of Trump's companies, arguing that it's a "legitimate" issue.

"I didn't inherit any money. My parents weren't able to pay for me to go to school so I had student loans that I had to pay off," said Rubio, explaining that his only debt is the mortgage on his primary residence.

Rubio said previous reports about his credit card spending while he was a Florida state lawmaker have been "largely discredited."

He said these experiences make him even more passionate about fighting on behalf of working Americans that are struggling.

Watch the full discussion above.

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