Police say a little boy shot dead in Chicago may have been killed by gang members.

Nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee was shot multiple times on Monday, Fox and Friends First reported this morning.

The little boy died with a basketball by his side and was found in an alley.

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Tyshawn, who is reportedly related to a gang member, may have been the victim of a series of tragic retaliatory killings, a police source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The paper reported that police are investigating whether the boy was “lured and targeted” in retaliation for a previous gang murder that involved the family member.

Authorities are now offering an $11,000 reward for information about the killing.

Flyers with the little boy’s portrait are being circulated. They read, “Break the code of silence” and “Speak up for me!”

His mother, Karla Lee, has made a public appeal to her son’s killers. “Please turn yourself in,” she sobbed. “You know you’re wrong.”

Watch more about this heartbreaking story in the clip above. 

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