Add hugging to the list of activities that could land you in trouble at school.

A Florida eighth-grader was given detention for hugging a classmate before the class bell rang for the day.

Jackson Heights Middle School student Ella Fishbough told WKMG the hug lasted for "literally a second."

Fishbough said it was the second incident between Ella and the same boy. She was given a warning last month when the boy put his hand on her head.

"I do think about inappropriate touching and boys and girls of this age having feelings for one another, but that's not what we're dealing with here. And if administration can't tell the difference between a friendly, 'How are you doing' hug and an inappropriate hug, then I think we have another big problem," said Fishbough.

This family of huggers fears one principal may be taking the district's broad policy too far.

"I did ask the principal, if something happened in our family, and she needed to console her cousin or her cousin wanted to console her, would she get in trouble? She said, 'Yes, ma'am. She would get a PDA," said Fishbough.

The incident has left the girl afraid to touch anybody at her school for fear of punishment.

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