"The Five" sounded off on the controversy surrounding a Halloween photo of University of Louisville staff wearing matching sombreros and other stereotypical Mexican garb.

The photo began making the rounds on social media last Thursday, sparking outrage and bewilderment.

The administration apologized to the school's Hispanic community, saying it "shows we have more to learn about our community."

Kimberly Guilfoyle said she didn't understand the outrage. "I don't get it. One of my favorite things is a Taco Bell commercial with the little Chihuahua: 'Yo quiero Taco Bell.' Now you can't wear a sombrero? I don't understand how we became like this."

Eric Bolling said, "This is coming from liberal academia. The left is pushing this."

Juan Williams said he thought the first complaint probably came from a student who was offended. "I don't see how it's racist act," he said. "I think it might be insensitive."

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