A mother in Alabama is pleading with a school board to let her terminally ill son die naturally if his heart stops in class.

14-year-old Alex Hoover was recently sent to the hospital three times due to a terminal heart condition, Heather Childers reported this morning on "Fox and Friends First."

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Continuing to treat Alex’s condition after a heart attack wouldn’t improve his overall prognosis, his mother, Rene Hoover, told the Associated Press.

To ensure her son, who is also autistic, wouldn’t be revived, Hoover drew up legal papers, also known as an advance directive.

But the school has not recognized that directive.

They say it’s because in Alabama, such orders only apply to people over the age of 18.

“I’m fighting for him to be able to have the comfort and the dignity, and for people to be able to sit and hold his hand until he’s gone,” said Hoover tearfully.

“I’ll fight till he’s gone. I’ll fight with the last breath in me.”

Alex has not returned to school since the dispute.

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