A new report by Lifezette is shining a light on the countless homeless veterans on the streets of America. 

The report, titled "Homeless in the Country They Served," is premised on President Obama's vow in 2010 to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2015. 

"Less than three months from that deadline, and with winter approaching, thousands of men and women who have served their country remain on the streets, fighting to make their own pathway to hope," reads the description. 

The video features just some of the veterans who are in a camp right near the White House. 

The report points out that as many as 840,000 veterans were homeless for at least one night in 2014, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

It also highlights the fact that Obama granted executive amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants and recently committed to taking in 15,000 Syrian refugees.

Laura Ingraham reacted on "Fox and Friends," saying homeless veterans are getting help "around the edges" but there isn't "real action" to solve the problem. 

"You think to yourself: how did we do this to our country? How did we allow this to happen? ... At a time when we're considering bringing in 15,000 refugees from another country, I would say, my goodness, don't we owe a debt to these men and women first and foremost?" she asked.

Ingraham agreed that most Americans would work an extra day for free if they knew the money would go straight to homeless veterans. 

She and the hosts also noted that the Department of Defense wasted $43 million worth of taxpayer dollars on a gas station in Afghanistan.

Watch Laura's analysis above and watch the report here.

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