The father of a man who was killed by an illegal immigrant believes the sheriff of San Francisco has been obstructing justice and "belongs in jail."

As it happens, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is up for re-election today in San Francisco.

“He’s incompetent,” Don Rosenberg said on "Fox and Friends." “He has an attitude that if you’re in the country illegally that you’re perfectly allowed to not only be here, but to commit crimes.”

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But the sheriff is also at the center of a contentious debate surrounding sanctuary city policies, which limit the extent to which local officials assist federal authorities on immigration matters.

“Everyone in San Francisco is pointing fingers. So he’s pointing fingers at the mayor, the mayor’s pointing fingers at him. They’re all guilty. They all belong in jail,” said Rosenberg.

Rosenberg's son, Drew, was biking home from law school in the city in 2010 when he was run over by an unlicensed driver.

That driver, an illegal immigrant from from Honduras, was later convicted of manslaughter but served only six weeks in jail before being released.

Asked which laws he believed the sheriff had violated, Rosenberg replied that Mirkarimi is guilty of “obstruction of justice” and “aiding and abetting illegal aliens.”

At the crux of the problem, said Rosenberg, is “there’s a sanctuary city mindset. And the mindset is, ‘We’re not going to enforce laws.’”

Watch more of his interview above.

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