A five-year-old girl reported missing in Arizona has been found alone in the desert, with a loaded gun given to her by her grandfather.

Police say 53-year-old Paul Rater gave the little girl a 45-caliber handgun before heading to a bar to have a cheeseburger and some drinks.

Rater had taken his granddaughter out to the desert earlier that day to go four-wheeling, Trace Gallagher told Shepard Smith on Tuesday.

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When their truck got stuck, the two started walking to look for help.

But when the girl said she couldn’t walk anymore, Rater decided to leave her behind.

He handed her the gun, as well as instructions to shoot anyone who approached.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother and grandmother were “extremely distraught” and out searching, said Gallagher.

It wasn’t until four hours later that the girl’s grandmother, along with a firefighter, found the little girl.

They’d called out her name in the desert before hearing a small voice cry out, “Nana.”

The girl was not hurt when she was found. She was, however, still clutching the gun.

Rater now faces child abuse and endangerment charges.

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