Former New York Gov. George Pataki (R) disputed on "Happening Now" today that Donald Trump can do well with Latino voters. 

Trump said today that he believes he will win among Hispanics. 

"I've head a great relationship with Hispanics. I have working for me thousands of Hispanics. I have had tens of thousands working for me over the years. I am a job machine," said Trump.

Pataki called Trump's claim "more of the same," disputing that Hispanics will vote for Trump because his companies employ Hispanics. 

"Here is the guy that called Mexicans 'rapists and thugs.' Not some of them. He said 'Mexicans,' and he expects to do well in the Latino vote. That's not how you to do it. You do it by having respect for the Latino community," said Pataki.

Pataki noted that he won in New York among Puerto Rican and Dominican communities by talking to them directly about how his policies would reduce crime in their neighborhoods, create jobs and improve schools.

Pataki added that he can defeat Hillary Clinton in a general election because of his "positive agenda" that he believes will bring Americans together.

Watch the interview above.