The United States Naval Academy is a place for our nation's best, brightest and, apparently, funkiest.

A new viral video shows a group of Naval Academy midshipmen shimmying and strutting while lip-synching to a song they created, entitled "Naptown Funk."

Spearheaded by Midshipman Rylan Tuohy, it's a remake of "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.

Over 50 midshipmen participated in the project, which was filmed last month, working with the city of Annapolis.

Watch the awesome, funky video above.

UPDATE: "Naptown Funk" creator Midshipman 1st Class Rylan Tuohy told "Fox and Friends" the idea for the video came a year ago when Bruno Mars' song first appeared on the scene, but the producers wanted to wait until the time was right.

"We wanted to make sure it was good for the city and midshipmen, and one year later you see what's on YouTube."

Amazingly, the video cost absolutely nothing to produce, and was shot with a drone and a standard digital camera.

"We reached out to the city of Annapolis. They were all for it and and waived the film permit, and everything done in the video is midshipmen."

He said the city of Annapolis is special because "not only does it have that tradition in history, but it has the sense of looking forward, and looking ahead ... Everybody who comes and visits the city kind of gets that sense of 'What's next? What's new?'"

Tuohy said there are plans to release another Navy video soon, but he wants it to be a surprise.

Watch the interview below.


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