A diehard New York Mets fan says he's not regretting his tattoo that declared the Mets to be "2015 World Champs."

Josh Davis made the admittedly risky move last week before the start of the World Series. 

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Davis, a 22-year-old college student from New Jersey, told NBC that he was crushed by the team's defeat Sunday night at the hands of the Kansas City Royals.

But he said he isn't that upset by the tattoo even though the Series didn't work out as he hoped.

"I'm not like 'Oh, my God, get this tattoo off me' at all," he said, adding that he plans to get the tattoo changed at some point. 

Davis said he vowed during the season to get a Mets tattoo if the team won the NL pennant.

The premature "World Champs" decision came after he was challenged by his friend on his confidence that the Mets would go on to beat the Royals.

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