The Department of Education ruled today that an Illinois school district must allow a transgender student who was born male to shower in the girls' locker room.

The district tried to find a compromise by putting up privacy curtains in the locker room, but both the girl and the ACLU were not satisfied with arrangement.

According to the Department of Education's ruling, the school can't have a policy that singles out a student for mandatory use of the privacy curtains.

Dr. Daniel Cates, superintendent of Township High School District 211, opposes the ruling, and he was repeatedly pressed by Megyn Kelly tonight about his concerns.

Cates said that he wanted to protect the privacy and rights of all students, not just one.

"What are you worried will happen?" Megyn persisted.

Cates declined to answer and reiterated his position that the district provided acceptable accommodation for the student.

Megyn continued to press Cates to explain specifically what the district's objection is.

"Respectfully, this is primetime cable. This isn't like a superintendent board meeting," Megyn said. "So we've got to get to the heart of the matter, which is: What are you going to do to fight the ruling?"

Watch the exchange above.

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