Quentin Tarantino's father is criticizing his estranged son for recently calling police officers "murderers" at a New York City rally.

Tony Tarantino told Sean Hannity tonight that he believes his son was speaking spur of the moment without taking the time to really think about what he was saying.

"He didn’t look at both sides of the story," Tarantino said. "I’m here, not just because I’m his biological father, but because I’m a concerned citizen for what’s right in our communities today."

He explained that this hit particularly close to home for him because he has so many relatives who are members of the NYPD.

"What he did and what he said is dead wrong. I’m 100 percent on that," Tarantino said. "I would like to see him come back out and take a second look at what he did and what he said, and apologize for it. That would help. That would make a difference."

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