A new program in Michigan is offering kids cash to start earning better report cards.

The initiative, called Champions of John Glenn, is being funded primarily by local businessman Glenn Shaw. He has pledged $50,000 to get students at John Glenn High School to improve their grades.

The program is proving popular so far. About 400 students in this Westland, Mich., school have signed up, Heather Childers reported Monday on "Fox and Friends First."

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Each student is eligible to receive $400 per school year based on academic performance. The most-improved student will also win a one-year scholarship.

“I heard that senioritis is a real thing. I figured that if I signed up for this program, it would keep me on track,” Brandon Allen, a senior at John Glenn, told the Detroit Free Press.

Nearly all the school’s teachers, as well as the district superintendent, have volunteered to serve as mentors, according to the newspaper.

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